Friends and Family Thanksgiving


There are times in our lives when Thanksgiving Day is one of the loneliest days of the year. Either we are separated from loved ones or have found ourselves in an isolated place.

Join us as we host a friends and family Thanksgiving day dinner where you can come and enjoy love, celebration and support during what can be one of the most difficult days of the year.

We’re having juicy turkey, roast beef, whipped potatoes, homemade gravy, green beans, fruit compotes, homemade applesauce, salads, soups & a variety of sweets!

We love our community. We are here to support you. Come, nourish your body with made from scratch comfort food and nourish your heart with people who care about you.

Buffet ~ Adults $15.95, Children ages 6-12 $8.95, Children ages 6 and under $4.95


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